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Total regeneration

A new wellness experience at the Hotel Lagrein

Enter our world of cozy well-being and conscious relishing. Our experienced and certified colleague will spoil you with unique and fabulous spa treatments in the comfy and relaxing atmosphere of the Charisma Spa. With the aid of high-quality cosmetic products of Team Dr. Joseph Südtirol, Biodroga and Plima every massage, facial and beauty treatment becomes an experience of the most peaceful relaxation and greatest sense of well-being.


details open

Biodroga use individually-selected active ingredients tailored to your skin type, creating an entirely new dimension in anti-aging treatments. Wave goodbye to wrinkles: Your skin will glow with radiant beauty and youthfulness.

ca. 90 min. 93 €

details open

Starting with a deep cleansing and eyebrow correction, a moisturising active ingredient concentrate tailored to your skin type is applied, followed by a mask, which is massaged in with the Ice Globes (warming or cooling, depending on the season). Finally, the day care that matches your skin type is applied. The result is firm, sculpted and radiant skin.


ca. 90 min. 110 €

details open

The very latest in active ingredients and an intensive treatment reduce the depth of wrinkles, improve the firmness of your skin, stimulate collagen production and promote the renewal of skin cells. This surface peeling treatment is suitable for a variety of skin problems including, amongst others, pigment spots, enlarged pores, impurities and acne scarring.


ca. 90 min. 120 €

details open

Ideal for mature and demanding skin. A mask with 24-carat gold provides a radiant, smoother complexion and a feeling of luxury. Wrinkles are visibly reduced, the saturation of the skin with oxygen and moisture is promoted and cell regeneration is stimulated. (Without deep cleansing)


ca. 60 min. 105 €

details open

Activating facial cleanse and peel treatment: Special highly-effective active ingredients are applied to your skin in combination with a Natural Face Lifting massage, while a toning mask moisturises and nourishes your skin. A harmonising serum selected to suit your skin type and day cream complete the treatment, leaving your skin feeling fresher, smoother and more toned. (No deep cleansing).


ca. 60 min. 75 €

details open

The unique interplay of powerful active ingredients optimises the skin's moisture level, vitalises, promotes skin elasticity and leaves the skin looking clear and pure.

ca. 60 min. 75 €


IN COMBINATION WITH ICE-GLOBES (cooling, vitalising and firming ice ball)

ca. 70 min. 79 €


BEAUTIFUL EYES: Eyebrows & eyelashes
details open
  • eyebrow correction 12 €
  • eyebrow tinting 9 €
  • eyelash tinting 13 €
  • eyelash and eyebrow tinting 22 €


details open
  • Pedicure with relaxing bath
    ca. 50 min. € 47,00
  • Pedicure with relaxing bath and varnish
    ca. 60 min. € 57,00
  • Pedicure special: includes nourishing peeling, pack and varnish
    ca. 75 min. € 67,00
details open
  • Manicure
    ca. 50 min. 39 €

  • Manicure with varnish
    ca. 60 min. 49 €

  • Manicure special, includes nourishing peeling, paraffin pack and varnish  
    ca. 80 min. 60 €
Paraffin pack
details open

This treatment for extremely dry skin is a wonderful complement to hand or foot care and leaves your skin feeling silky soft. The localised heat also eases joint pain.

ca. 20 Min. 20 €

details open

This technique gives you instant allure - and all with your own eyelashes. With this revolutionary formula, you will have long, curved and full eyelashes in just a few short moments. Eyelash tinting included.


ca. 50 min. 69 €

details open
  • Full leg
    ca. 45 min. 45 €

  • Half leg
    ca. 25 min. 25 €

  • Bikini zone or underarm
    ca. 15 min. 15 €

  • Upper lip and chin
    ca. 15 min. 10 €

Kids & Teenies

details open

Facial cleansing with milk and tonic, facial massage, mask.

ca. 40 min. 39 €

Body & Soul
details open

Relaxing back massage with oil at just the right temperature to loosen your musculature and restore peace and equilibrium.

ca. 20 min. 35 €

details open

Gentle hand massage, filing and nail painting with the varnish of your choice.

ca. 25 min. 23 €

Body packages

Pampering body pack in the floating water bed "Nuvola"
details open

The warming water, with which the body does not come into contact, causes optimal absorption of the beneficial body wrap. Muscles, spine and mind are completely relaxed. Intensive well-being and calming of the senses set in.

ca. 50 Min. 59 €

details open
  • Rose: Harmonises body and soul, strengthens nerves

  • Apple: Sensual fruity pack, invigorating, promotes skin elasticity for a radiant glow

  • Arnica - St. John's wort: Activates joint and muscle tissue; promotes inner peace and serenity

  • Algae Pack "YIN & YANG": Moisturising pack, stimulates the metabolism, detoxifies and drains
    Yin – cooling
    Yang – warming
    Relax – muscle relaxing

ca. 50 min. 59 €

details open

With activating Arnica-John's wort pack, comforting warm neck compress and deep back massage.

ca. 75 min. 89 €



details open
  • Lymph stimulating massage or activating sports massage of your choice
  • Activating pack "YIN & YANG"

ca. 50 min. 69 €

Nuvola package
details open

Peeling and body wrap including short full body massage.

ca. 75 min. 80 €

Relaxing Massages

Classic Lagrein massage
details open

In combination with the soothing grape seed oil, this full body massage harmonises the state of mind and leads to relaxation and regeneration of the entire body.

ca. 50 min. 65 €

Herbal compress massage
details open

This gentle yet deep whole body massage is performed with pressure and stroking movements. The warm herbal stamps and oils have a regenerating and relaxing effect on muscle tissue and the nervous system.

ca. 50 min. 76 €

Aroma oil massage
details open

Deeply relaxing massage with fragrant oils from the Lagrein garden. This gentle touch with oils is suitable for stress, fatigue and tiredness.

ca. 50 min. 69 €

Relaxing head-face-neck massage
details open

Special massage strokes relieve tension in the head, neck and shoulder area. Finally, we pamper you with a nurturing facial massage.

 ca. 50 Min. 69 €

TIP: In combination with an ear candle treatment, body and mind are put into pure deep relaxation.

Hot stone massage
details open

This special ritual with volcanic rocks restore the balance of body, soul, and mind. The volcanic rock exudes heat which enters the body and melts away tension.

ca. 50 min. 72 €

Anti-Stress Massage
details open

Soothing head, neck and shoulder massage, highly recommended in cases of high stress levels and vegetative exhaustion. The body is put into a state of deep relaxation and regeneration.

ca. 75 min. 95 €

details open

This Hawaiian massage brings you to a profound state of wellbeing, and complete, deep relaxation of the body. Lomi Lomi Nui is the wave that carries your body gently, pushes it softly and washes over you in a harmonious caress. It helps to release stress hormones and tension, and invokes a sensation of utter, absolute security.

ca. 90 min. 109 €

Ear candle treatment
details open

The burning of these linen cones coated in beeswax brings a profound sense of relaxation to the whole body. The gentle sound waves massage your eardrum, stimulate the reflex zones in the outer ear canal. This centuries-old treatment of the Hopi Indians and other primitive peoples, helps with stress, headaches, insomnia and leads to the gentle cleansing of the ears.

ca. 20 min. 39 €

TIP: This treatment followed by a Relaxing Head-Face-Neck Massage brings body and mind to a state of pure, profound relaxation.

Activating massages

"Summer Energy" Massage
details open

This constructive massage treats tension and hardening especially in the back and leg area; this energetically recharging treatment with a final leg gel rub causes a pleasant feeling of lightness and relaxation.

Legs and Back: ca. 40 min. 59 €

Honey massage
details open

This intensive back application using “liquid gold” offers considerable relief in case of accumulated tension. Untreated honey from South Tyrol is massaged deep into the back muscles with a special massage technique to remove toxins from the tissue. You can experience an especially soothing massage with a whole body massage employing an oil featuring honeycomb extracts.

ca. 50 min. 72 €

Partial massage classic
details open

Massage of the tense back muscles.

ca. 25 min. 42 €

Back resonance massage
details open

A special massage grip releases tension in the head, nape and shoulder area. Microcirculation is stimulated, and veins, nerves, and senses are boosted.

ca. 50 min. 72 €

Lymph stimulating massage
details open

A massage according to Dr. Vodder. It has a draining and purifying effect, toxins are gently removed. Highly recommended for swollen legs.

ca. 50 min. 69 €
ca. 25 min. 39 €

Dorn Method with Breuss Massage
details open

Small and light vertebral and joint blockages are gently corrected during this spinal treatment. Your back feels more relaxed and flexible.

ca. 75 min. 105 €

Breuss Massage
details open

This gentle back massage releases blockages in the physical, energetic and mental areas. Stagnant energy starts to flow again, stress and mental pressure are reduced. The soothing St. John's wort oil strengthens the intervertebral discs and relaxes the tense back muscles.

ca. 50 min. 72 €



Stimulating foot-zone massage
details open

The organs of the body are reflected on the feet. By massaging the reflex points, the corresponding self-healing powers in the body are activated when an organ is disturbed.

ca. 45 Min. 69 €


details open

"Ayur" and "Veda" - science of (long & healthy) life of the traditional Indian art of healing. The soothing Ayurvedic massages stimulate the body's energy centres and thus create a balance between body and soul. During these recharging massages you will be pampered with precious, warming oils. The enormous deep relaxation is a boon for stressed people.

Abhyanga Massage
details open

This enormously relaxing and balancing full-body oil treatment is one of the best-known Ayurvedic massages. It harmonises the body's energies (Doshas), relieves stress and tension, promotes sleep, nourishes the skin and tissues and strengthens the immune system. Precious, pure oils are used in this soothing and recharging massage.

ca. 50 min. 72 €
ca. 75 min. 99 €

details open
Full Body Herbal Paste Massage

Energising full-body peeling with special Ayurvedic herbal pastes. The skin is cleansed deep into the pores; the massage supports the reduction of fat deposits and waste products, activates the circulation and metabolism. Considered a "super-energizing" among Ayurvedic treatments.

ca. 50 min. 72 €

Charisma Programs

Beauty Program for the Lady
details open
  • Facial treatment (90 min.)
  • Manicure with varnish
  • Pedicure with varnish

          Price 194 €

          Beauty Program for the Gentleman
          details open
          • Facial treatment
          • Pedicure for men
          • Classic Lagrein massage

          Price 168 €

          Stress-less package
          details open
          • Deeply relaxing body wrap in the floating lounger "Nuvola“
          • Anti-stress massage
          • Relaxing head-face-neck massage

            Price 200 €

            Back-relaxation program
            details open
            • Arnica-John's wort pack
            • Comforting warm neck compress
            • deep back massage

              Price 89 € (ca 75 min.)

              Hiking Legs
              details open
              • Lymph stimulating massage or activating sports massage of your choice
              • Activating pack "YIN & YANG"

              Price 69 € (ca. 50 min.) 

              "Nuvola" Package
              details open

              Peeling and body wrap including short full body massage.

              Price 80 € (ca. 75 min.)

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